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James Smith

  • Phone icon Phone: 111 222 333
  • Mobile icon Mobile: 124 456 5646
  • Email icon Email:
  • Website icon Website:
  • Address icon Address: William Ave Bedford, NY, USA
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What is an Email Signature Generator?

An email signature maker is an online email signature editor that allows you to have a personal email signature for free. It enables you to get a well-designed email signature by simply inputting your relevant information. You can also customize the font or colors to make it look nice.

Why Do I Need an Email Signature?

An email signature is the best marketing strategy you could adopt when sending a message. Not only does it showcase your identity, but also impresses the recipients with a distinctive brand image.

Email Signature Generator allows you to customize your own creative email signature with multiple choices of email templates. By simply filling out your business details, a formal, professional signature can be generated and used in your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail or Apple Mail.

How to Make an Email Signature?

1. Select a template you like to present in your email signature from samples below the main graph.

2. Turn to the first tab in the editor, and input your general details such as name, job title, company, etc.

3. Copy your social media addresses and paste them in the second tab.

4. In the third tab, paste the URL of your image from your cloud device.

5. Click the fourth tab, beautify your email signature by customizing the colors, font style and font size.

6. Check the final version of your email signature and click the Copy Signature button to apply it in your emails.

How Do I Get My Signature From This Tool Into Different Email Clients?

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Apple Mail
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    How Do I Add My New Email Signature to Gmail?
    • After logging in to your Gmail account, click the Setting icon on the top right corner.
    • Click the “See all settings” button and find the “Signature” section in the general page.
    • Press “Create new”, type in the name of your new signature, and paste the email signature you copy from Email Signature Generator.
    • Hit the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.
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    How Do I Add My New Email Signature to Outlook?
    • After logging in to your Outlook account page, click the Home tab > New Email > Message.
    • Enter the Include group section, click the tab “Signature” and select Signatures.
    • In the “Choose Default Signature” section, choose the Outlook account you want to associate with the new signature.
    • Click the “New” button and input a name for your new signature in the “Select Signature to Edit” section.
    • Paste the new signature generated by the Email Signature Generator, and hit OK.
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    How Do I Add My New Email Signature to Yahoo Mail?
    • Log in to your Yahoo Mail account and click the tab Settings > More Settings > Writing Email.
    • Enter the name of the signature.
    • Connect a Yahoo Mail account to your email signature.
    • Paste the email signature created by the Email Signature Generator and save the changes.
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    How Do I Add My New Email Signature to Apple Mail?
    • Once you log in to your Apple Mail account, click the button Mail > Preferences > Signatures.
    • Click tab + in the “Signature” section and paste your new email signature into the text boYou can hit the “always match my default message font" box or cancel it whenever you like.
    • Save the changes.

Who May Benefit From Using a Free Email Signature Creator?

The purpose of adopting an email signature might vary among different occupations.

For entrepreneurs, an email signature generator serves as a business card. You look more professional with your name, job position, company website, and a well-shot photo. An engaging email signature might impress the recipient and earn business opportunities for you.

For marketing managers, a free signature generator can bring tremendous value to your brand. As the details about your company website and your social media are displayed on the email signature, you would be able to cut the budget on brand promotion.

For freelancers, an appealing email signature helps facilitate communication and build reputation. You may also gain trust from your clients by providing valid and traceable information at your email footer.

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How Do I Create a Professional Email Signature?

You don’t need an Email Signature Generator account to create an email signature. By simply inputting your details like name, company, phone number, etc, and pasting the URL of your social media accounts and your business image, you will obtain a uniquely attractive email signature to be applied in any of your email accounts.

Are Email Signatures Free?

Yes. Not only can you create an email signature on Email Signature Generator for free, but also copy the signature and apply it in any email reader without a penny.

What Does a Good Email Signature Look Like?

A nice-looking and professional email signature should include a picture of your own or your company logo. Plus, you need to capture your recipient’s eye with a simple but informational signature, which should better be within four lines.

How Do I Add an Html Email Signature in Gmail?

Step 1: Copy your original email signature to the clipboard.

Step 2: Log in to Gmail and go to Setting>See all settings>Signature

Step 3: Click the “Create new” button and name your new email signature

Step 4: Paste the HTML content and save changes.

Should I Bold My Name in My Email Signature?

Yes. A striking name on your email signature could catch your recipient’s eyes in the first place. Email Signature Generator automatically bolds your name on the first line, thus distinguishing your corporate identity.

Do I Need to Sign Off an Email if I Have a Signature?

Yes. You still need a sign-off to indicate the end of your message. It would seem abrupt if your email doesn’t have a closing. A sign-off makes your email content complete. As a part of a sign-off, an email signature makes your identity more impressive.