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What is an Email Signature?

An email signature is a block of text attached to the end of an email. It’s a digital business card you created to show professionalism and credibility. An email signature typically includes name, business contact information, e-mail address and website URL, etc.

Can I Use These Templates on Different Email Platforms?

With excellent compatibility, our email signature templates can be utilised in a variety of email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, etc. They are coded to fit into these platforms so that your email signature looks equally neat and beautiful on any email client. Try and Use an email signature generator today!

Email Signature Examples

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Best Email Signature Design Features

Mobile Adaptive

We make sure all the email signature templates are mobile-friendly. Compatible with different sizes of screens, the email signature template looks perfect on mobile phones or tablets as it does on your desktop.

Links to Social Media

Adding social media information on your email signature could have surprising results. By clicking the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube icons on your email signature, recipients could be fastly linked to your accounts, which could mean a great marketing opportunity for your brand.

HTML Images

HTML images and icons have become standard in email signatures these days. An image of your logo or photo in the email signature could make you look professional and credible. Paste a HTML link on the editor, and you will get a simple and nice email signature.

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What Is an Email Signature Template?

An email signature template is an example where you can personalize your own email signature by filling out relevant information like your name, job title, company, phone number, etc. You can also add a company logo or personal photo, or customize fonts and colors.

Can I Download the Email Signature Templates for Free?

Yes. Our email signature templates are all free. You don’t even need to download a template and apply it elsewhere. Just by copying the email signature to your clipboard, and pasting it on your email client, you can send every email with a beautiful email signature.

Which Are the Best Email Signature Templates for Me?

Based on your purpose of setting the email signature, you can select an email signature template that suits you most. But there are some common features of a good email signature: clear layout, professional content, exposure to your social media, and HTML images.

Is It Necessary for Me to Link Social Media to My Email Signature?

It depends. If you are a marketing staff or a business owner, the logos of social media on your email signature can attract the recipients and have an amazing effect on your brands or businesses. But if you want to keep your privacy, you can just ignore it.

Can I Edit My Email Signature in Gmail?

Yes. After you have copied the email signature, you can still edit the signature on your Gmail or other email clients. The email signature you copy is not in the form of images, it is a block of text that can be edited.

How Do I Make My Email Signature Unique?

To start with, you need to choose an email signature template with a goal in mind. To make yourself look professional and credible, you also need an image of yourself or your company logo.